In the area of theLanghe, in Treiso, isthe Cascina Alberta farm, which occupies a total of 19 hectares, of which 7 cultivated asvineyards, the remainder beingmeadows, orchards and woods. Agreat project that stems from the passionof two brothers forviticulture and the world of wine. Defining the farm as a "project" means giving it a meaning that goes beyond mere agricultural production. From the very outset we committed ourselves torenovating the old vineyards through sustainable viticulture without the use of pesticides or herbicides. The project, started in 2010, also involvedrenovation of the old farmhouseswhich house the new cellars. It also involves redevelopment of the inn and an area dedicated to catering. Our vision is to create an “integrated” farm, the ideal place to spend moments of relaxation with good food and wine according to Piedmont traditions.


From the beginning our approach to the agricolture was organic, in 2016 we decided to get the certification from Valori Italia ente of control because we thought was be a "good things" for all our coustomers.


The choice of organic come from the idea of preserving what we have bought trying to intervene as little as possible in soil management. The great effort from the beginning has been reclaimed to the ground, trying to read the different characteristics to intervene in the most natural way as  possible in the fight against diseases.
We carry the roof where necessary depending on the seasons, we do not use mud as we believe the need for the vines to go deep with the roots. During the rainy season we minimize the treatments in both the amount of work and the doses of copper and sulfur, trying to be at least 50% lower than the limits of the biological certification. In the cellar we do not use selected yeasts, we do not use sulfur until finite malolactics. The refinements in large barrels are reduced to the minimum of the discipline.


Love for the Langhe and traditions is the fulcrum of the philosophy of our farm. The work done in the vineyard is meticulous, without an excessive reduction in productivity, depending on the vintage production varies from 5,500 to 7,000 kilograms. From the outset we have pursued sustainable viticulture without the use of pesticides or chemical weed killers. We want our vineyards to be gardens, so we let the grass grow free, cutting it only when it gets too lush. During spring in wet years, the grass helps the ground to absorb the excess water, allowing better drainage and avoiding water logging. We believe it is fundamental to respect the ecosystem, minimising human intervention with the aim of recreating that equilibrium in the ground and in the plants that allows the vines to become strong and flourishing.

Our wines: Barbaresco, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo

Our mission is to seek the highest quality in our wines, respecting the vintage and trying to minimise interventions in the cellar.

Year after year we seek to capitalise on the experience acquired to try to increase the quality of all our wines. The work in the cellar follows the philosophy of the Langhe tradition, with extensive maceration in stainless steel vats. Ageing takes place in large Slavonian oak barrels - 2500/5000 l. Our vision of  traditional Barbaresco is that of not over-ageing in order that the classic aromas and tannins of the Nebbiolo are not overwhelmed by the aromas released by the barrels and extensive ageing.