The most exciting experience for truffle lovers. A hunter accompanied by his dog will take tourists into the woods in search of the precious underground fungus, guided only by the sense of smell of the animal and the intuition acquired through years of experience. From October to December, Cascina Alberta offers guided excursions in search of the precious white truffle in the woods of our farm. The excursions are organised in collaboration with the Trifolau Colline di Langa Association, which uses 50 truffle hunters (trifolaus) authorised by the Piedmont Region. During the walk, you will learn about the botanical varieties of the so-called "truffle-producing" trees and see the greatest friend of man – the truffle hunting dog- at work, without whom this precious dish would not be on our tables. We offer different packages ranging from the hunt alone to wine tasting, or a truffle lunch accompanied by our wines, modular packages according to your needs.


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