Coming down from the street curves of Treiso village, going through Giacone sub-region with its perfectly shaped vineyards, the white marls soils typical of this area and its woods, Cascina Alberta appears. 19 hectares of land, of which 9 are cultivated with vineyards, surround the building: cultivations of nebbiolo, barbera and riesling grapes enframe the wonderful view of our hills. The ancient buildings have been renovated to create a little paradise of hospitality and relax.

  • Here you can find our cellars, where every year we create the wines we are so proud of;
  • beside the wine production part, there are also our 7 Suites: they have been renovated with a conservational spirit, trying to maintain the original structure and materials, renewing them with a modern and minimal design. With the 360-degree view of our Cascina, our guests can be enchanted by the hills and their sunsets.


2011: the company get acquired: 7 hectares of vieyard, 7 hectares of woods and the last 5 hectares of meadows in the village of Treiso, the heart of Barbaresco DOCG wine production area, specifically inside the Giacone sub-region;

2012: we stop the use of pesticides, focusing on the soil and its balance;

2013: we introduce the green manure crops in our vineyards;

2014: we start producing our wines using only indigenous yeasts: that means we ferment our wines using the microorganisms on the skins of our grapes; we select them with the "pied de cuve" system and use them to ferment all the wines we produce;

2015: we start renovating the building, installing a wood-chips boiler and photovoltaic panels to produce 9 Kw of energy;

2016: we start the organic conversion of our land;

2018: we renew an old water well and use it to irrigate flower beds and orchards surrounding the Cascina;

2019: we are really happy to finally get the organic certification with "Valoritalia" certification agency;

2021: we start renting a new vineyard in Neive village, inside the Serragrilli sub-region, and we immediately start the organic certification here too.