Our company is placed inside a 19 hectares property, of which 9 hectares are cultivated with vineyards: they mainly have a south or south-west exposure for red grapes, such as barbera and nebbiolo grapes; we have north exposure for our only white grape, riesling.

We use the green manure technique if needed, depending on the seasons. We don't use muck because we believe we can obtain great wines if the grapes are forced to go deep in the soil with the roots. During rain season we reduce the number of treatments and the quantity of sulphur and copper used. We try to keep the treatments 50% lower that the limit imposed by the organic regulation.




We believe our soil is our most important resource and we focused on its protection since the beginning. Vineyard grassing and green manure techniques allow the soil to absorb more water during rain season and they also reduce small soil erotions due to steep lands. We use mechanical weeding, because we believe it is the right choice.


Since the beginning of our history, we understood that our environment is the perfect example of balance among hills, vineyards and woods; our passion for Langhe region guided us in the renovation of the old vineyards using a sustainable agricolture: we rispect our ecosystem, reducing human intervention, helping our grapes to grow flourishing and strong.

We wanted to give an eco-friendly and sustainable spirit to the whole company: we only bottle our wines inside the "Albeisa Leggera" bottle (ligher and thinner than the classical one), in order to reduce the CO2 produced; we warm up the water with solar panels covering the whole surface of our roof; during the restoration of the building we isolated all the rooms with special windows to reduce energy consumption and have a good energy efficiency. Regarding our B&B, we guide our guests through a responsible behaviour with the limitation of waste of electricity, water and laundry washing. This is the goal we chose and we pursue everyday!

For this reason, our soil is the absolute star of our label: the elegant layers of limestone and clay that compose the white marl typical of Treiso provide quality and grace in the wines, too; that's why they deserved a special place on our label: