Our company is composed of 19 hectares in one block and 9 of them are cultivated with vineyards. Our soil exposure is south / south-west for red grapes Nebbiolo and Barbera and north for white grape Riesling.


The organic cultivation choice comes from the desire of preserving what we bought, trying to intervene the less possible in the soil management. From the beginning we addressed great dedication to our soil, trying to understand its characteristics and apply the most natural treatments possible in the fight against the illnesses. Following the seasons and the necessities, we use the green manure, but we avoid the compost because we want the plants to go deep in the soil with their roots. During the rainy periods we try to reduce copper and sulphur treatments in quantity and frequency, trying to stay 50% lower than the organic certification limits. In the cellar we don’t use preselected yeasts and we don’t use sulphur, until all the malolactic fermentations are over. The aging in Slavonian Oak barrels are the minimum required from the regulation.


Preservation of the soil as an important resource for vineyard management has been one of our main objectives from the very outset. Letting the grass grow and green manuring allow the soil to absorb more water during the rainy period and at the same time inhibit small erosions that take place in vineyards on steep slopes. We practice mechanical weeding convinced that this is the right choice.